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高考的英语单词 英语高考必记单词3500 高考英语备考资料:高考英语必备单词

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最近经常有小伙伴私信询问高考的英语单词 英语高考必记单词3500 高考英语备考资料:高考英语必备单词相关的问题,今天,谋考网小编整理了以下内容,希望可以对大家有所帮助。


高考的英语单词 英语高考必记单词3500 高考英语备考资料:高考英语必备单词


高考的英语单词:college entrance examination。




He got nervous again at the college entrance examination this year。


Research on the Rating Process of EFL Raters with Different Backgrounds in Evaluating the NMET 。


Research on Decision Support of College Enrollment Based on Multi-Agent System 。


The Principles and Strategies of Service Report on University Entrance Examination。


A Prediction of College Entrance Examination Scores Based on Bayesian Method。


Basic Ideas on Reforming the Subjects in National College Entrance Examination。

高考的英语单词 英语高考必记单词3500 高考英语备考资料:高考英语必备单词







高考的英语单词 英语高考必记单词3500 高考英语备考资料:高考英语必备单词



1.●abandon v. 放弃,遗弃,抛弃 abandon the baby/ child/ friend

abandon the plan/ idea/ effort/ hope

abandon oneself to 陷入,沉湎于 He abandoned himself to despair.

2. ◎ability n. 能力; 才能 the ability to walk 行走的能力

to the best of one’s ability 竭尽全力 He completed the job to the best of his ability.

3.●abnormal adj.不正常的,畸形的,反常的 They thought his behavior was abnormal.


4. ◎aboard prep. adv.在船(飞机,火车)上,上船(飞机,轮船)

all the people aboard 机上的人

5. about prep关于,ad 大约,到处

a) be about to do sth…(when) I was about to go out when it began to rain.

b) look about/around/round c) How/What about…询问情况或建议

6 . above prep 在…上面 above all 首先;尤其

7. abroad ad.到(在)国外 a) go /study /live abroad b) at home and abroad在国内外

8. ●absence n. 不在,缺席

absence from work/ school The decision was made in my absence.

in the absence of 在缺少…条件下 The case was dismissed in the absence of proof.

9. ◎absent adj. 缺席的,不在的 be absent from absent-minded adj. 心不在焉的

10. ◎absorb vt. 1) 吸收,吸进(液体,气体等) 2) 理解,掌握

absorb ink/ water/ neat/ light/ oxygen/ sound/ energy

absorb information/ knowledge be absorbed in 专注于,聚精会神于…

11.●abuse v / n. 滥用,谩骂 abuse alcohol/ drugs 酗酒 /嗜毒

abuse power/ position/ privilege 滥用权力/职权/特权

12. accept vt.

accept the gift /invitation /plan accept sb/sth as…

13.●access n.方法,通路,机会

The only access to the farm was a narrow bridge.

Only high officials have access to the emperor.

We students have access to the school library.

accessible adj. 可进入的,可接近的,可使用的

Such information is not easily accessible to the public.

14. accident n.事故,意外的事

by accident/chance 偶然,无意中;不小心

15. ●accompany v. 陪伴,伴随,伴奏 accompany sb. to the school/ supermarket

accompany the singer on / at the piano Lightening usually accompanies thunder.

16. ●accomplish v. 完成,到达,实现 accomplishment n. 成就,成绩

accomplish the task/ purpose/ goal

17. according to 根据 According to the law, he should be sentenced to death.

18. ◎accuse vt. 指控,指责 accuse sb of (doing ) sth 控告…

19.● accustomed adj. 习惯的,适应的,惯常的

be/ get/ become accustomed to doing He was soon accustomed to getting up early.

20. ache vi./n headache / toothache My back aches so much.

21. achieve vt 达到;取得 achievement n 成就

achieve success/victory/one’s goal;

22.◎achievement n. 成就,业绩;完成(任务等) make great achievements

23.●acknowledge v. 承认,致谢

It is generally acknowledged that global warming is caused by greenhouse gases.

Yaoming is acknowledged as/ to be the best player in China.

I acknowledged financial support from the local government.

24. across prep cross v. I walked across the street.; cross a street; come/run across碰到

25. act n.法令,条例 vt.表演,扮演,行动,做事

act as 充当;扮演 act out 把…表演出来

26. action n. 行动 take action to do sth put sth into action 把…付诸实施

27. active adj. 积极的;主动的 take an active part in /be active in 积极参加

28.◎activity n. 活动 outdoor activities 户外运动

29.actual a.实际的 actually adv. in (actual) fact 实际上

30●adapt vi. 适应,适合,改编 vt. 使适应 adapt to change /the city life

adapt oneself to the new surroundings adapt the novel for a film adaptation n. 适应

31. add vt 添加,增加,补充说(that)

add(…)to 添加 add up 把…加在一起 add up to总计为; 总数为

a) His illness added to our trouble. b) He added that he would come again.

c) Please add these figures up. d) These numbers add up to 100.

e) He added some salt to the water.

32. address n.地址 vt.写地址;向…讲话(尤指演讲)

address the letter to sb. 给某人寄信 The letter was wrongly addressed.

The president addressed the public.

33.●adjust vt. 调整,调节,适应 adjust your speed /the volume/ the camera

adjust to the dark/ the single life adjust yourself to the student life adjustment n. 调整,调节

34. admire v 钦佩.;羡慕

admire sb for sth I admire John for his courage.

35. admit vt (admitted ,admitted)

1) 承认 admit one’s mistakes; admit doing/having done

He admitted having stolen the money.

2) 准许(入场,入学,入会) admit sb to /into→sb be admitted to

He has been admitted to Beijing University.

36.●adopt v. 收养,采用,采纳

adopt a child the adopted son/ daughter

adopt a new policy/ a suggestion/ a plan/ an attitude

37. advance vi推进,促进;前进 adj. advanced 先进的/ 高级的

in advance 预先,事先 an advanced worker

38. advantage n. 优点,好处(可数名词) 反:disadvantage

take advantage of 利用 have an advantage over 优于… to sb’s advantage 对(某人)有利

39. ◎advertise vt. 为…做广告

1)为…做广告 advertise a product / things

2)登广告征求/寻找… advertise for a new sales manager

40. advice n/u. advise vt. 忠告,劝告,建议 take/follow/ accept one’s advice 接受某人的建议

ask sb for advice 向某人寻求建议 a piece of advice 一条建议

give sb some advice on sth

advise sb (not) to do; advise doing; advise that …(should)+do

Our teacher advised that we should study hard.

41. ●affect vt. 影响, 深深打动,使悲伤等

Smoking affects health. People were deeply affected by the death of Jin Zhengri.

42. afford vt. 负担得起,抽得出(时间); 提供

can/could/be able to afford sth/to do sth I can’t afford a book/to buy the book

43. afraid a. 害怕的;担心

be afraid to do 因为害怕不敢做…; be afraid of doing 害怕…

She was afraid to go out alone at night. She was afraid of waking him up.

44. against prep 对着,反对, 靠着,迎着,衬着

stand against the wall (靠墙站着) go against nature; be against sth 反对

They are strongly against the plan. The pine tree were black against the morning sky.

45. age n.年龄;时代 vi. 变老 for ages 多年; at an early age; at the age of … ;

of the same age=of an age After his wife’s death he aged quickly.

46. agree vi. 同意;应允

1)agree with ① agree with sb / what you say/your opinion.

②表示一致;" (食物、天气、工作等)对…适宜":

The weather does not agree with me. 这种天气对我不适宜.

A verb must agree with its subject in person and number.

What he does does not agree with what he says. 他言行不一致.

2)agree to the plan/ the arrangement/ the suggestion .

3)agree on /upon主要指双/多方通过协商而取得一致意见或达成协议:

We agreed on the price. 我们就价格达成了一致意见.

Both sides agreed on these terms. 双方都同意这些条件.

4) agree to do sth He agreed to go with us. 他同意同我们去.

5) reach/arrive at/come to an agreement 6) I can’t/couldn’t agree more.

47. ahead ad. 在前,向前 ahead of time 提前 go ahead 前进,干吧,说吧

48.◎aid n. 援助;救护;辅助工具

first aid 急救 in aid of 支持

by ( the) aid of 借助于,通过…的帮助 come/ go to one’s aid 帮助某人

v. 帮助,促进 aid (sb/ sth) in/ with ( doing) sth 帮助某人做…

49. aim at

① 瞄准,对准 He aimed the gun at the enemy officer.

② (向某方面)努力 She's aiming at ( trying to win) a scholarship.

③ 针对某人 My words were not aimed at you.

50.◎alike adj. 相像,十分相似 We are alike in many ways.

adv. 相似的,相同的 They tried to treat their children alike.

51. alive a. 活着的,存在的 catch …alive 活捉 keep…alive be alive with= be full of

The lake was alive with fish. Who is the greatest man alive.(后置定语)

52. allow v 准许,允许 allow doing/ sb to do

allow for 把 考虑进去 Has everything been allowed for in your plan?

53. almost adv几乎,差不多

Almost no one/nobody came to the party. There was almost no snow that winter.

54. alone adj/adv 单独的 孤独的

1) 形容词She is alone at home. (她独自一人在家.)

2) 副词I like to work alone. (我喜欢独自一人工作.)

3) "只有,仅仅", The shoes alone cost $200. ※ let /leave sb /sth alone 别打扰

let alone 更不用说

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